About Us

L'Antre Jeux started in Mai 1998 and is registered to the BCE under the number BE0463.229.735.
'till 18/09/2021, the shop (brick'n mortar) was located avenue de la Couronne, 357, 1050 Ixelles (Brussels), in Belgium.

Since 04/10/2021, the shop (brick'n mortar) is located rue Hilaire Parmentier, 7, 1440 Wauthier-Braine.
WARNING : since then, we strongly suggest you to call for a "rendez-vous" (email or telephone)
and wait for an answer to tell you if there is (will be) someone in the place when you intend to come.
Otherwise, you may find the doors closed as we could be outside.

The manager is Marc Valckenaers (aka "Marcus")...
- Started a club "The Wandering Undeads" in 1979
- Opened l'Antre Jeux in 1998
- Held the "Brussels Games World" event from 2000 'till 2005
- High Priest of Shub-Niggurath of his street
- Hit points : 10 (and lowering)
- SAN points : 20 (and lowering)

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